Round 2 Motion – 2024

Predictive policing uses computer systems to analyse large sets of data, including historical crime data, to help decide where to deploy police or to identify individuals who are purportedly more likely to commit or be a victim of a crime.

MOTION: South Africa should adopt predictive policing to combat crime.


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Round 1 Motion – 2024

One of the aims of the Basic Education Law Amendment (BELA) bill seeks to make school governing bodies submit their language policy for approval. This is to ensure that language policy more truly reflects our constitutional values.

Motion: The responsibility of selecting language policy should remain with School Governing Bodies (SGBs) instead of the Provincial Education Departments (PEDs).


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Final Motion 2023

The Polokwane Municipality has a water deficit. The municipality supplies 59 of the required 99 megalitres a day to satisfy residents in all 45 wards. It is facing a water crisis because it cannot meet the rest of its responsibility to augment the water provision and distribution.

The Polokwane Municipality should privatise the water department.

Semi-Final Motion 2023

Carbon markets are an important strategy to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide globally.

Carbon markets are an effective method of reducing carbon emissions.

Reading materials:

South Africa Launches Voluntary Carbon Market,economy%20and%20improve%20sustainability%20practices.

JSE Ventures launches carbon market

The state of Africa’s carbon markets

Carbon Markets: Playing a role in strategic decarbonisation approach

Will International Carbon Markets Finally Deliver?

Catch-Up Round 2023 Motion and Fixture


COP27 was concluded during November 2022.

The Loss and Damage Fund will effectively address the consequences of climate change in developing countries.


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2024 Invitation Letters and Registration Information

Compliments of the new year.

Below are the invitation letters to attend the preparations for the wrap-up of 2023 and start of 2024 Mayoral Debate Tournament.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information.

Maurdy Dunster
Directorate: Community Development
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Round 3 – 2023 Motion

A secret ballot is used in various voting systems where the voter’s identity is not revealed.

Motion: Parliament should adopt a secret ballot for motions of no confidence against a sitting president.

Note: This motion was amended to focus the debate on the secret ballot. Upon further consultation, the motions committee realised that the previous wording shifted the focus to the speaker of parliament. 03 August 2023


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Round 2 -2023 Motion

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides financial aid to undergraduate students to help pay for the cost of their tertiary education after completing high school.

Motion: The NSFAS should exclusively fund scarce skills as opposed to the current system. 


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